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    Terms & Conditions

We are all professionally trained to a high standard, fully insured and have worked in the industry for many years. We are friendly, approachable and most of all here to help. We have got your back!!!

How does it work?

  • 10 sessions split over a 5 week period
  • Space permitting you may transfer between session time slots. However it is not guaranteed.
  • The sessions will be fully instructed sessions and are designed to improve all elements of fitness. Your emotional well being, and mental capacity will also be assessed through a questionnaire as well before and after the course
  • The first and last sessions will incorporate some form of fitness tests. This is used as a gauge to help you feel more confident about your amazing progress. Please embrace this element and remember everyone has a starting point

What do you need to do?

  • You are committed to taking part in strenuous activities that will progress you towards your personal ultimate goals. However we appreciate that everyone has differing fitness levels and abilities so all exercises are able to be progressed/regressed accordingly 
  • Once you commit to the sessions by paying it is non refundable
  • Please fully engage with the exercises and activities to get the most from the programme
  • We actively encourage you to take before and after photos and any other form measuring that you may like to use (i.e dress size, tape measure, scales, clothes feel, energy levels etc)
  • Dress accordingly with gym wear and trainers. Oh and you might want some water!!
  • Smile and enjoy because its gonna be loads of fun!!

What will we give to you?

  • We are fully committed to helping you to achieve your goals. We will motivate, encourage and support you in whatever way is necessary to allow you to achieve
  • We will give you advice and guidance on a range of different things inc other training options and nutrition 
  • We will establish your ‘base fitness level’ in the form of tests at the start (nothing to worry yourself about however), and reassessment at the end. 
  • We will also give you ideas about how you can ‘test’ your vital stats at home to reinforce the wonderful work you will be doing during the sessions. This may come in the form of videos and chats on a select FB group solely for members. Your level of engagement here is entire your own choice. There will also be handouts too
  • The type of equipment that we will use will be functional with bars, kettlebells, rowers, boxes, body weight, balls, sand bags etc…..
  • Mostly you will receive our complete attention to help you on your transformation journey to a new you!!

Please be aware there are no changing rooms/shower facilities at the venue and parking is street parking around the area